Keeping Safe with Proper Sanitization in Today’s Climate

Jul 22, 2020

If COVID-19 has done anything positive, it’s show us that there’s a lot more we can do to keep our places of work and living clean. Hopefully this new standard of living will continue as we see that there are ways to be proactive with sanitizing and disinfecting, in an effort to make it safer for us and our visitors. Of course very few people probably could have predicted this exact scenario with the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will certainly set a precedent going forward.

Why You Need Professional Sanitizing

Professional sanitizing and disinfecting helps you get to a level of protection that was previously only really available to hospitals and large businesses. Places with high amounts of foot traffic and/or sick individuals were seen as prime areas of possible high infection, but all of that has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 situation. With a virus that is highly transmittable and contagious to pretty much all places, it has become more of a necessity to have the option of professional cleaning for any area that might be affected, or have the possibility of exposure.

This doesn’t apply to just COVID-19 either. There are a number of other very deadly viruses and bacteria that can lurk around businesses and homes and cause very serious health issues, including E.coli, MRSA, and a variety of pre-existing coronavirus strains (like the flu or SARS). These viruses can survive outside of the human body for extended periods of time, and love to sit around on countertops and other surfaces that are exposed to people coughing, sneezing, and sometimes just touching with their hands.

Pretty much everything that you touch can have potentially harmful viral bacteria, and anytime you, or someone else, handles these items you transfer old and new germs around, making it very easy to spread.

Cleaning Helps, But It’s Not Enough

You might be thinking that it can’t be that bad, after all, there’s a cleaning service that comes into your business or home a couple of times a month and they make sure things are clean. That’s what their job is, right?

Obviously something is better than nothing. Any amount of cleaning with chemicals and bleach product will usually destroy viral bacteria on contact, but there are a couple of problems with traditional cleaning that you may not have considered.

  1. Harsh chemicals can cause problems for people with smell or skin sensitivity
  2. Chemicals can ruin furniture or surfaces if not mixed or used properly
  3. Traditional cleaning methods don’t always get all surfaces and/or crevices
  4. After traditional cleaning surfaces aren’t protected against further contamination, which can happen instantly
Complete Sanitization

Advanced Sanitizing’s Three Step Sanitizing Service

Disinfectant Fogging – Our process starts with a disinfectant fogging that is 100% non-toxic, EPA approved, and is all-natural (no bleach product). This first step is crucial to prepping for complete sanitization, because even though UVC can destroy microorganisms, it doesn’t do much against physical particles like dust or dirt. 

UVC Decontamination – This is a very important step that not all sanitization services include in their process. Instead of fogging and then coating, we bring in UVC lights that are graded to destroy the DNA of bacterial microorganisms, ensuring that they are eliminated. This treatment has proven to be impactful on pre-existing strains of viral bacteria because there’s no way to build up a tolerance to light like there is to a drug or chemical treatment.

Antimicrobial Coating – The final step in our process is the application of a hospital grade antimicrobial coating in your residence or business. This works by creating a coating on any and all surfaces it is applied to, helping to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold for up to 90 days. It is completely undetectable to the naked eye, doesn’t leave any film, and is safe for humans and pets.

Our sanitization service is quick and effective, and there’s no need to keep you out of your house or business for long periods of time while you wait for chemicals to air out. As soon as we are finished you are welcome to return and carry on with your life. 

Of course, we recommend that you continue any cleaning service or regiment that you have, as our service is more effective as an addition to what is already being done as opposed to a cleaning replacement. 

As we all adjust to this new normal, we want you to know that Advanced Sanitizing is here for your sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning needs. If you are interested in learning more about our service and how you can book us to clean your residence, call us at 559-644-5127. It’s our goal to stay healthy, and to help keep you healthy as well!

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