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The first line of defense against viral, fungal, or bacterial microorganisms start in the home. Your living area is the space where you spend the majority of your time outside of work, and you may be surprised at how many of your surfaces may be contaminated and exposing you to risk.

Our professional cleaners work with cutting edge technology and EPA approved cleaners, meaning you get the best sanitization possible for your home without the worry of harmful side-effects from questionable products or chemicals.

The unfortunate truth is that many homes are not nearly as clean as they should be, even if there is no visible build-up or smell. Dirt and dust can accumulate under furniture, on top of shelves, and even inside appliances like toasters and coffee machines. Simply wiping down the visible areas with a rag and cleaner, or even vacuuming, won't give you the protection you need against bacterial and viral microorganisms.

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Complete Home Sanitizing Services

Our homes can host a variety of microorganisms, even when we make an effort to clean. Unfortunately, surface cleaning can only do so much, and as soon as you finish bacteria and viral organisms can recontaminate the cleaned areas within minutes. Advanced Sanitizing can take your home protection a step further with our 3-step process that eliminates microorganisms (including many coronavirus strains) at the DNA level with UV lighting, and then adds a protective barrier to keep your home safe for months to come, with an effective elimination rate of 99.9%.

Our products are all EPA approved and considered safe for human and pet interaction. There is no odor, film, or residue left by any of products or services, which means you can continue with your day knowing you are protected.

Our comprehensive services are completed by our trained team of professionals, and our goal is to leave your home sanitized and disinfected with as little impact to your daily schedule as possible. When we are finished, you will have the same level of hospital-grade protection that was previously only available to larger businesses and health industries.

Contact Advanced Sanitizing today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our sanitizing services and what we can do for you.

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